Friday, 25 November 2011

I thought that it was about time that I put up a few bonfire pictures- given that I was at the best celebrations in the world it is selfish of me to be keeping them to myself! I spent the night with my friend Alice, mostly inside her kitchen, listening to the roar of the crowds and eating flapjacks. later, we ventured out and climbed up one of Lewes's many steep hills where we got the best view of all of the society's bonfire's and displays. Sitting up there with hundreds of other awe inspired spectators as streams of light whooshed over our heads,I could only think that this must be the best feeling on earth. The energy that takes over the normally quiet town every 5th of November is amazing- although I always think that Lewes does have a sort of offbeat charm anyway. I love it there and always will.

Plus Mr Weasly who lives in Lewes gave me and Al a kiss on the cheek, although he was rather drunk.  And we chatted to a hungover Alisha from Misfits the next morning. Whoever said small towns were boring was wrong! 

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