Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Hey dudes. This is a photo which I took the other day as part of my art project for college, 'The Body'. We've just started branching off into our own ideas under this umbrella- I'm looking at shadows & the body as I was inspired by Sam Taylor-Wood's totally rad photographs and decided to have a go at photographing something similar as a starting point. I think they turned out pretty well as I took them under studio lights which made it a lot easier to get the effect I wanted. The idea of shadows/mirroring has always fascinated me, which I trace from reading Peter Pan and being utterly transfixed at the idea of Peter's shadow having a life of its own and having to be stitched back onto his body when it escaped. So, as well as the aesthetic side I also want to look at the mentality and fantasy aspect which we associate with shadows. My incredibly helpful teacher managed to hit the nail on the head when she suggested I look at Kara Walker and her silhouette art which is clever and a bit creepy!
Expect to see more of the same- I'm going to make a linocut based on this photograph which I shall post photographs of


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